Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Oh you pedos!

Oh you pedos, fapping to children and cubs on FA. It makes me laugh when you try to defend how “bringing out your inner child” or the fact it’s legal as it’s not a human child, boy, are you sick in the head!
Well, I’m going to tackle the biggest debacle that ever graced FA since it was born; cub porn. Now, I know I’ll get tackled for saying I don’t like it, because apparently, every single pedo man behind their computer thinks it’s not illegal per se in FA’s AUP and ToS, but it’s against the law to produce and view these images. Look at this according to
“Under federal law (18 U.S.C. §2256), child pornography1 is defined as any visual depiction, including any photograph, film, video, picture, or computer or computer-generated image or picture, whether made or produced by electronic, mechanical, or other means, of sexually explicit conduct, where  

  • the production of the visual depiction involves the use of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

  • the visual depiction is a digital image, computer image, or computer-generated image that is, or is indistinguishable from, that of a minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct; or

  • the visual depiction has been created, adapted, or modified to appear that an identifiable minor is engaging in sexually explicit conduct.”
So, according to the law, pictures depicting child in any sexual activities and in the nude is illegal and you can be banned regardless of a website’s current rules. So, technically, just being on FA is apparently illegal!! Dragoneer really screwed up when his legal consultant gave a thumbs up, that’s assuming he has one as per website owner of an art site should have.
But what exactly sparked me to write something like this? Well, let’s look at this idiot’s journal and dissect how much intelligence he has.
“Let em Hate.

Sticks and stones may brake my bones, but words will never hurt me. :3 most cases. Lol” [Journal Entry, FA user haloian]

Looking at this journal makes you first scratch your head and then you finally realize, “Jesus Christ! He’s a cub!” So, he really doesn’t care about haters of cub porn and just wanted to start shit with some people, because nearly more than ¾’s of the entire fandom aren’t walking pedo’s to begin with. Well, he apparently does care, as his journal is flooded with haters, not ass-kissing fan boys like I see in other drama-starting journals. Here’s a comment, then his reaction to said comment.
“Cub porn = pedophilia and is sick. Period. End of Story. Sick fucks.” [Comment, FA user Kwolf13]
“Burn in hell pl0x.” [Response to above comment, FA user haloian]
How childish can you get with something like that? Kwolf13 posted the obvious statement that is the view of cub porn and you apparently have to play the burn in hell card. Please, if you’re going to tell someone off, get original or don’t respond. Here’s the most stupid comment ever. Jea, an FA user who I defended earlier in a blog post about icon wars between admins and users, stated her opinion on the matter and backed her opinion up with logic and sources even (extra credit girl) and this was all that haloian could come up with:
Seriously…childish much? I must admit, the cub side of you is really starting to come out in your feeble attempt at sounding smarter than Jea and using all caps, as per the internet rules, you are smarter when using all caps in an argument.
Then what’s the point of this entire blog? If you’re going to defend your sick and twisted reality of cub porn, then come up with a logical and decent counter-point to make yourself smarter.
Also, don’t even try to make your point in his journal, as he believes that blocking anyone against his statement is e-victory to him and gives him a hard-on. Hell, I made a counter-argument against his comment towards Jea and I still got blocked!

Oh, and as an update, he posted a journal to the Make-A-Wish foundation...he apparently gets turned on by little kids being happy!


Since last night's fiasco, you apparently can't comment once and state an opinion anymore, as it's hurting his feelings and must post this.
Since he doesn't want anymore drama and stuff, at least respect the guy's wishes and don't, because he's right and further comments can result in a temp ban. Comment on here instead! 

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And away we go!

Since I'm gonna start doing lifeguarding and doing some summer courses, I've decided that you guys need to have some more material, other than do another side (or enhance) what Silver's doing on his blog (now our sister blog!). I've decided that you guys will revel in my rantings and laughing at individuals from my work! I might even provide pictures from my cell, if I can get the pictures (from break) or just try and remember everything from conversations or actions of the days going by. Expect a lot of laughs, angry people. Don't worry...FA is still on my targets to poke fun at every now and then.

Oh...and give Silver cookies why don't ya? He's wanting some and two of his friends aren't giving him any. Show him the love!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

lolwut furry drama?

God, I swear, every time I see something involving the infamous banned-from-furry Allan, I can't stop shaking my head from the amount of drama that people insist on creating all because of one reason: it's a commission from him.

Now, I know his history and how much money he stole from people, especially seeing how he plays the pity-me card every time someone doesn't wanna commission him, even with his $500 bribe he tried to pull on 'Neer, which I applaud 'Neer for not accepting and sticking to his morals (yes, he's a human too assholes). I'll link Silver's blog posting about it for more info on that.

Now, what's the drama about and where is it? Everyone knows Rarakie on FA, she's a great artist and a cool person, but the infamous Allan contacted her about a commission and she didn't know about him at the time until it was too late and she finished the commission. Now, needless to say, she should do the picture anyway. It's money and I play the, "Don't ask, don't tell" card when it comes to those situations, because it only labels you as a biased asshole, so Rarakie did the right thing, go girl! Now, upon posting the picture an HOUR later, the picture's gotten 86 comments and it's still going, because both pro-Allan and anti-Allan crowds are converging and causing drama like normal. Apparently, people judge the person who commissioned the picture, not the actual art piece itself. Let's see what good comments are and how to do them exactly.

LOLWOW -Holymoli [FA, Comment]

Can't be smart enough to say something intelligent now can we? Fail. Moving on...

I always felt that when it comes to furries, animalistic looked better. -WolfeMasters [FA, Comment]

This is a good comment. You don't focus on the drama or the person depicted, but you look at the style of the art and comment on that instead of fueling the drama fire. You pass, next!

As much drama as he causes and steals from people.. this picture is hot! XD -knowntobite [FA, Comment]

You fail. You just HAD to comment on the person depicted in the art piece instead of looking at the art piece first. Next up!

Also consider that the hateful comments aren't really directed at YOU per-say, more in fact at the commissioner.
I have my opinions on him, but due to your request, I'll hold back on them.
As far as the art piece goes, it's really well drawn. Love the shading.
-BlueKewne [FA, Comment]

This is...okay, but you're stating the obvious and adding to the fire. A typical rule of thumb if you plan on saying something bad about the commissioner; if you have beef with the commissioner, bring it to him, not the artist. It's only showing that you're an idiot for saying that in the first place.

Very nice art. Your work is always so shiny!
-Gojithefox [FA, Comment]

That's a good comment. You don't focus on the guy depicted in the picture and you focus purely on the art. You pass, last one. I can't do all of these, because I'd take up too much bandwith slapping my forehead at the stupidity through this blog.

wow your comment spread hypocrisy in every word you typed but at least be glad i'm not the kind of guy who starts drama.
-Folgers [FA, Comment]

Epic. Fail. You sir, are an asshole and just galloped through that comment and just announced to every furry you are one. You're the hypocrite my good sir for not just starting drama, but adding to it.

So yeah, this is just funny. Link is provided below for your guy's viewing pleasure. Don't bring stuff into this blog or I'll just laugh and delete them XD.

The Picture in question

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A recap and a major change.

After my most recent posts that weren't honestly that good in my opinion, I just wanted to clarify the reason to this blog, because nobody seems to be able to completely perform the art of arguing intelligently, so I want to just remind you readers just as to why I'm doing this blog.

The point of "Open Your Eyes" is to, literally, open your eyes to the situations that take place in the furry fandom and also to those people that cause situations and cause stuff to happen when they think they're right about something. This blog is also a way for me to just poke a finger at some one's side just to let them see what they did and laugh about it.

Silver, a man who I can say is an absolute genius in this fandom, along with my friends behind my back, is someone who, like me, is doing this because he likes to do it and it's fun to get reactions out of certain people who we except to either whine or complain about it in an unintelligent matter or in any matter that's funny. I still haven't gotten hate mail, unlike Silver who gets plenty from Pro-Chewfox and Pro-Allan crowds. Even so, I still want to get certain points across about people, which brings me to my next point in this post.

The major change: Calling people out in a blog post is only a cause to start drama, and I honestly hate dealing with it like I recently had to. I will now be practicing anonymity and not calling names out in the blog publicly. It's more of a way to tell you guys, "Hey, check this out! Someone did this!" but without putting their name in it. Reason? Well, it's not that I'm afraid anymore, it's more of a way for me to get that person thinking that when they read up about something that sounds like them, they can think about it and look at it better than just seeing their name and getting angry about it. If they ask me directly if I'm talking about them, I'm not afraid to tell them yes.

It's just an excuse to have some fun and make you guys think. Have fun people and don't start shit now ya hear??


Just kidding. I'm still calling people out. I'm an asshole, oh yes I am!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Grammar Nazi's are lurking! Oh noes!

The fuck guys, you guys are starting to really get me working! All this drama starting with people who can actually be considered smarter than you! Shame on you people!!!

Seriously! The fuck is wrong with you fucking furries and your love of drama?!?! Who else but the-pale-tailed-fox can be nominated for FA’s stupidest furry of the year award?!?

So, what happened exactly to spark this? Well, remember my blog post about the icon getting deleted by Chasevrocket? That’s all done and over with and everyone’s happy about it right? Not the-pale-tailed-fox. Oh no sir! In a journal posting about the drama ensuing that was only minimal at best, he was corrected by the infamous Bryan “Silver” Daniels! My inspiration! Silver is notorious for correcting people who have bad grammar, and I tip my hat off to him, because it’s dealing another blow to the fur fags of FurAffinity who can’t even speak a lick of proper English. As we uncover more about this one man army drama-fest, we learn that Silver posts a blog about it and even goes onto a forum called created by Sage Freehaven. He went onto the hugbox area and posted on it and the-pale-tailed-fox got a whiff of it and goes as far as to post a journal that stated to “eradicate” his website and troll him, which is against the rules! 
The journal in question

Apparently, Dragoneer got a whiff of this and entered the fray! 
This is serious!

So, if we look at all this, we can see two offenders here? Nope...just one.

Silver-Good man...doing some justice out there!!.

The-pale-tailed-fox – What can I say? He was stupid enough to hit that reply button and comment on every single comment that Silver left him. He started the drama and got Dragoneer involved. That’s serious business people (/sarcasm).

The lesson here? If you’re going to make an argument, don’t be a dumbass and completely misspell every word you type. If you’re going to be logical about anything, please make it so that we understand? Kay?

On a personal note: Sorry if you don't like this Silver, but I had to get my hands wet while this was fresh!

Stalker much? Or are you just stupid?

Another one is going on this blog, but for good reason, and it's a record people! He isn't getting praise either!!!

So, we all get people who follow our girlfriends for fun, or they even get to that stalker level. Well, lemme tell ya, I get amazing laughs and I even bang my head against the wall for how stupid some kids really are.

My next target: demonjack123

(I'd post his picture here, but I'll let you guys see for yourself)

So, what's wrong with him? Just go to his page and my whole blog gets described in one sentence: the fuck man! We'll start the dissing with his art. My girlfriend thankfully provides chat logs about this kid and I laugh SO hard at how self-centered and close-minded he really is! Here's a little sampler for you guys:
This took place between Athena and himself, over MSN (her screen name has been removed for anonymity).

4/30/2010 12:17:37AM Cody oh
4/30/2010 12:17:39AM Cody I'm too passionate
4/30/2010 12:17:45AM Cody I've been flamed for like a year now.
4/30/2010 12:17:51AM Cody and I know for a fact Im improving greatly

Let's take a looksie in his gallery and really see if he's improved, shall we?

Here's one of his submissions, posted April 26th, (Is he fucking himself or is it just me?)
Here's another, posted a few days later,
aaand here's his comparison picture posted a week ago,

Notice anything? 'cause I don't! Where is this kid thinking he's improving greatly? He STILL looks like a fucking 1st grader drew, I'm sorry, a kindergarten'r drew this!!! A 1st grader can draw better shit than that! I mean, really, what is he thinking? Sure, practice makes perfect dude, but keep your mindset up like that and you'll be on Encyclopedia Dramatica or banned from furry for your ugly art!

Which brings me to my next point in this blog, he has the most one-track mind I've ever heard, or seen in this fandom. Here's a prime example. He told my mate that "Hey, you know that Wacom contest held annually on deviantArt? I'm gonna try for it and all artists will fear me!" Yeah RIGHT kid! Be better than the realism artists and other guys out there, to the point where art fanatics are kissing your feet, THEN come back and talk to me (not 50 years later dude, you fail here and now). Also, if you try giving him a constructive criticism (a legit one mind you), he'll say lol and block you. He's done it before and does it now still. He's really stubborn and idiotic.

My advice, be humble or you'll get shit thrown at you, which is happening now.

Honestly, I know that he'll try and baw about this to my girlfriend, because he can't talk smack to a man, so all you men out there, have fun punching the lights out of this womanizing asshole! (If you don't get that, he only talks smack to women, not men).

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Admin Jurisdiction Targeting Good Artists

I normally NEVER bash an admin, but this is ridiculous people. Enjoy this little rant of mine.

I've been on FurAffinity for almost a year, and I've really enjoyed the furry fandom and the people I've met, and had fun poking fun at the people I didn't like, but yet when I watch admins become hypocrites, it really makes me wonder who the hell picked these people? Dragoneer is getting lazy with the selection procedures and letting anyone who ass-pats him get admin status apparently.

I recently just witnessed and heard thanks to an inside source that a furry artist named Jae was recently targeted with an admin flexing his muscles due to his ability to slap Dragoneer's ass and removed an icon because it was too provocative. Here's a link to her icon in her gallery:

First glance? It's a dancing furry rubbing their boobs. You see it all the time on FA as avatars so it's cool right? WRONG! An admin by the name of chasevrocket recently took it down with this to say:

"It varies from situation to situation and what the overall content is. If I recall correctly, yours are dancing, touching themselves and screaming happily? I've removed others like yours as well as others playing with their breasts, etc. The more tame ones are those which just bounce and have no nipples, etc. Like I said, it's on a case by case basis. I'm sorry for any confusion." -chasevrocket-

That seems to make sense, but really, there's more under the skin. Just take a look at his icon when you get the chance after reading this blog. His is doing the typical hit-on-a-girl move by slapping the air like he's slapping a woman's (or man's) ass. How is that NOT provocative? Some people are actually offended by that shit, yet he targets her because she's making profit from it? Dick move chasevrocket.

Admin's FA Page:

Here's another example of a typical artist who's fair, but isn't making copies and it's their icon:

Now, my furry (and non-furry) friends...what the fuck. Just like I've seen before WTF_FA. The admins are getting VERY hypocritical and it's really starting to not look good for the future of blossoming artists and the like. Watch what you draw and put as your avatars or else Dragoneer's butt-buddies will come getcha and hump your page clean of everything, just look at Jae!!!